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Welham Girls School

Welham Girls School Dehradun is a highly renowned English medium girls boarding school in Dehradun. It was founded in the year 1957 by Ms H.S Oliphant. The school is affiliated with the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and is also a member of the Indian Public Schools Conference (IPSC). Welham Girls has consistently ranked among the top schools in India by various national and international magazines.
The academic selection of Welham Girls School Dehradun is par excellence as it offers a rich learning experience to its students through different clubs and activities like debate, science exhibitions and quizzes, vital for all-round development.
Welham Girls School also offers a foreign exchange program to its students. The purpose of the exchange is to improve their language skills and cultural understanding while continuing their studies at school which also helps them compete and win various accolades in competitions at the national and international levels

Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure

Welham Girls School not only excels at providing world class education but also offers a wide range of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. These activities at Welham Girls school are intended to provide students with opportunities to develop a wide range of skills and interests outside of the classroom, while also fostering a sense of community and teamwork.

Brinda Karat

A successful politician and activist

Brinda Karat is a noteworthy alumna of the Welham Girls School who has made many headlines with her active contribution to Indian politics. Brinda was just born after the Independence

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Kareena Kapoor

A Famous Bollywood Actress

Kareena Kapoor Khan, a former student of Welham Girls School, has had an incredible journey throughout her time spent at Welham. Kareena was raised in Mumbai by her mother

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Tavleen Kaur

An unbiased journalist

Welham has many precious, noble jewels in its tiara. One of them is Tavleen Singh, who entered the gates of Welhams with a smile on her face. Born and brought up amidst the hills, her parents always

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Meira Kumar

A powerful leader and diplomat

Welham Girls School alumna Meira Singh is well-known for her tireless work ethic and several accomplishments. As a result of attending the best girls' boarding school in India

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Welham Girls' School has a range of events and activities to support the girls in developing their interests, skills and talents. It is packed with fun and interesting challenges that help the girls to develop a sense of community through wonderful events held throughout the year.




Is Welham ICSE or CBSE?
How can I get admission to Welham Girls School?

In order to get admission in Welham Girls School Dehradun, one need s to follow the following steps:

  • You will need to fill out a registration form

  • Please send the registration fee along with the application.

  • You will also have to take an aptitude test, usually held in November/December.

  • Upon passing the test, you will be accepted into the school.

  • Upon verifying your application and documents, the admission council will notify you if you are eligible.

What is the fee structure of Welham Girls School?

Given below is the fees structure of Welham Girls School Dehradun:
School Fees Rs. 7,50,000/
Admission Fees Rs. 1,00,000/- (at the time of admission)
Security Deposit Rs.3,75,000(refundable/adjustable)
Imprest Deposit Rs. 40,000/
Uniform Deposit Rs. 20,000/
Note: The above-mentioned school fees and deposits are subject to review from time to time.

Why Welham Girls is considered the best girls boarding school in Dehradun?

Welham Girls School has built a reputation for excellence in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. It has produced many toppers across India as well as abroad.
The school has well-qualified and experienced teachers who help students achieve their best. A large number of alumni have gone on to pursue higher education at prestigious universities around the world. They have also excelled in various fields like medicine, engineering, law, etc. Note: The above-mentioned school fees and deposits are subject to review from time to time.

Which are the most noteworthy alumnae of Welham Girls?

Here are some of the most noteworthy alumnae who studied in Welham Girls:

  1. 1. Kareena Kapoor Khan
  2. 2. Meira Kumar
  3. 3. Brinda Karat
  4. 4. Tavleen Kaur