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Welham Girls School is a leading institution of learning that has been imparting quality education to young girls since its inception in 1957. The foundation stone of Welham Girls School, Dehradun was laid by an English lady named H.S. Oliphant, who always had a burning desire to uplift Indian women through education.

Despite having negligible resources, she was determined to bring the change she wanted to witness. She entrusted Miss Grace Mary Linnell, an experienced and respected educationist to take the responsibility of setting up the school and running it efficiently. Under the able guidance of Miss Linnell, the school developed high scholastic standards, which helped it grow from strength to strength to date.

The continuous hard work and dedication have led to the immense growth of Welhams from mere few students to a strength of 540. The enriched curriculum is now recognized globally and has its footing in the top 10 boarding schools in India.

Students at Welham adhere to the ethos and principles promoted by the management of the school. There is a notion that pain can be made more peaceful by education. The Welham Girls' School believes that education is more than just studying; it is a way of life.

The school is dedicated to offering top-notch amenities and a cutting-edge teaching style to assist students to get the most out of their education. They view education as one of the best techniques they use to cultivate empathy, forgiveness, and other life qualities, in addition to emphasising it.

The prolonged legacy of Welham has helped it prove its mettle. There were many able educationists at the pinnacle leading the institution successfully, starting from Miss Linnell, who was succeeded by Miss Saroj Srivastava who fulfilled her responsibilities diligently for long 18 years. Mrs Shanti Verma took charge for a short period and handed the charge to Mrs Jyotsna Brar. In 2016 Padmini Sambasivam took over the leadership hat, further passing it to Vibha Kapoor the present headmistress. Serving the institution.